is proud to present Caterham Cars in the Nordic region. 

In this era of automation and technology, it’s too easy to let science do everything for you. Your car can now park itself and moves are afoot to allow it to drive you around too.

At Caterham, we hold with the theory that less is more.

Driving a Seven is all about just that – no driver aids or frills, just stripped back driving – a pure and responsive driving experience.

A team of technicians create your Seven lovingly and apply their own sense of pride in every component they attach to the car’s iconic frame. When they’re not bolting our British bundles of fury together, they’re hard at work theorising and ruminating on how they can save even more weight, refine the chassis further and extract every last drop of power from the Seven.

That’s why every car that leaves our factory carries with it the name of the technicians who built it and why today’s incarnation of the Seven remains as true to its roots

- focusing on driver experience -

as it did back in 1957.

At its heart, the Seven is and will always be- Fun!

It’s not about getting from A to B with a Seven, it’s about the bit in between and getting the most from it.  

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  • ●  660cc engine and reduced weight

  • ●  With in excess of 170bhp per tonne, the Seven 170 remains a thrillingly pure

    driving experience

  • ●  Road and track-focused S and R variants offer accessible entry point to the

    Caterham® Seven range

  • The first new model since Caterham’s acquisition by Japan-headquartered automotive group, VT Holdings, the Seven 170 follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, the Seven 160 (known as 165 in Europe), by complying with Japan’s world-famous Kei car regulations.
  • The 170 not only represents the brand’s lightest Seven produced to date, but measuring 1470mm in width, it’s 105mm narrower than anything else within its current range, making it the smallest Seven as well.
  • Holding true to the mantra that spawned the original Seven, to ‘simplify and add lightness’, Caterham’s Seven 170 weighs a little over 440kg, which in part, is thanks to its 660cc turbo-charged Suzuki engine, which produce 84bhp and 116nm of torque, resulting in a power-to-weight ratio in excess of 170bhp-per-tonne.
  • Complementing the 170’s favourable power-to-weight ratio is its marrying of a 155-section tyre and live rear axle suspension, which enables drivers of all capabilities to extract the full potential from the latest Seven’s configuration.
  • An added bonus of the 170’s pared-back design lies in its reduced emissions. Though the 0-100kph sprint can be achieved in just 6.9 seconds and top speeds can exceed 160kph, the 170 is one of Caterham’s most environmentally friendly cars to date. Euro 6 compliant, the new model boasts Caterham’s lowest c02 emission Seven at 109g/km (under WLTP cycle). It is even greener than some hybrid vehicles, including the Toyota Yaris 1.5.

  • There are several

  • features that

  • appear on the

  • Seven 170 that

  • haven’t been on

  • previous production

  • models. These

  • include new alloy

  • wheels, rear LED

  • lights and a new

  • stripe design.

  • Car buyers can pick from two packs, the road-ready 170S or stripped back, more track-focused 170R.

    The 170S, for the more laid-back driver, comes with a five-speed gear box, road suspension pack, 14” Silver Juno alloy wheels, full windscreen and weather gear including a hood and side screen, black leather seats, a Momo steering wheel and in a choice of four paint colours.

  • We expect to have our 170 cars in stock from end of November 2021. We are now taking orders for delivery 2022. Please contact us for further information and don't forget to visit our configurator!_____




"Welcome to the new old school"

We have a wonderful Caterham in stock, exclusive paint claret and filled with fine leather. It has the classic flared wings and a Motolita steering wheel.

Please contact us for further information.



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We are please to announce a partnership with Santander Consumer Finance, enabling us to offer flexible terms and attractive finance rates, offering you a great new way to own your next new or used Caterham Seven!

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